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Quantcast Brand System




Evolving our Adtech brand while building awareness and ensuring visual consistency


I maintained the Quantcast brand system, ensuring brand uniformity across products, websites, and collateral by harmonizing elements like logos and color schemes. By fostering collaboration with product design, I maintained a unified brand identity, adjusting it to meet the changing demands of the digital landscape.

While its visual appearance underwent significant evolution, certain key elements endured, including bold Swiss typography, a structured grid system emblematic of the science and data behind our products, and a dedicated focus on making data and insights more accessible by emphasizing critical information for easier comprehension.

Brand Design System 2023

2018: Agency Rebrand

I moved onto the Marketing Design team right after an agency rebrand. Our job was to implement the new brand and messaging.

Magazine Ad
Case Study 2018
Valentines Day Postcard

2019: Weathering Leadership change and Managing

Following the departure of our Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director, my two fellow designers and I recognized that we had become the final decision-makers for all matters related to brand design.

In response, I took on the role of leading the design team, with a focus on achieving specific objectives. These included achieving a more harmonious balance in our visual elements, particularly by introducing lighter layouts, which also served to counter the metaphor of the "black box" associated with AI decision-making. Additionally, I aimed to strengthen the synergy between product design and marketing design.

Resource Insight 2
Resource Insight 1
Rugby Data Bytes
Data Sources
Audience Profiles

2020-2023: New CMO, New Look

A new CMO wanted a brand refresh, which we completed interally in 4 months. This coincided with a live-streamed announcement of the self-serve platform launch and a big update to our website. We found more use cases for our underused color palette, introduced more human-centric photography (instead of vague data patterns), and introduced new shape-oriented background visuals.

Shapes Background
Web Dataset
Card Tokyo
Ara - AI Engine
Audience Intent
Publisher Ecosystem
Blue Logo
Brand Lift
Platform Story
Digital Ad Awards Nominees

Next Project

Quantcast Casino Night

Reintroducing our customers to in-person events at a lively casino‑themed Party