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Hi, I'm Ray 👋
Designer & Illustrator

Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
The Responsive Web

Places I've Worked

Quantcast logo

A digital advertising and audience analytics company that provides data-driven insights to optimize online advertising campaigns.

NextLesson logo

An educational technology company that develops innovative learning resources and tools to enhance K-12 instruction and engage students.

Pokemon logo
The Pokémon Company International

A subsidiary that manages the Pokémon brand globally outside of Japan (licensing, marketing, mercha, video games, and trading card games).


  • Building an Etsy biz with AI generated art.
  • Helping a friend with her live painting business and website.
  • Learning conversational Cantonese.
  • Tinkering with 11ty for building simple websites.
  • Reading Mob Psycho 100.
  • Growing lemon trees and propagating monstera plants.

Updated: Dec 2023


  • Participated in Inktober!
  • Went to NOLA in April, NYC in June.
  • Illustrated 2 children's books, Tiger Tiger and Monkey Mo.
  • Drew caricatures at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  • Made Darth Pickle, where I host code projects
  • Studied Graphic Design at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Grew up in NJ, lived in Rochester and Brooklyn.
  • Can solve a Rubik's Cube >1m.
  • Pandemic hobby: sewing pouches.